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Our Services &

Your Body Deserves The Best Care.

We Will Walk With You Step By Step

To Reach A Balanced Integrity

By Delicately Nurturing And Nourishing 

Your Body And Mind.

As a Naturopathic clinic, we offer health guidance and supportive care for a variety concerns and ailments, however,

our special interests are:

  • Chronic Body Pains and Arthritis

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture and Facial Rejuvenation

  • Musculoskeletal Disorders and Physical Medicine

  • Full Musculoskeletal Physical Examination

  • Comprehensive Lifestyle Counselling

  • Well-Being & Health Promotion

  • Sport nutrition and injuries

  • Aging  and  Geriatrics

  • Anxiety  &  Sleep

  • Men's Health

  • Diabetes

  • High Cholesterol Supportive Natural Treatments

While we analyze your whole body to discover the root cause of the symptoms, we aim to relieve your discomforts and pains by carefully designing individualized and integrated treatments to help you live an active, happier and more comfortable life.

We will guide you through the intricate path of identifying your body, and will master you to hear its inner voices until reaching to the point of awareness. When you get to the point of identifying your body's deficiencies, excesses and imbalances, your strength and success rate in defeating ailments and discomforts will improve notably.

Undoubtedly, physical body and spiritual mind are profoundly interconnected and any discomfort or distress in either of them variably affects the other one, however in different level and layer. As a common example, anxiety is a recognized mental companion for a pain disorder, either perceived or not. It can deeply influence pain management outcome, and unquestionably requires to be addressed. So, in order to achieve our planned health goals desirably, we carefully assess our patients' mental status to take well care of the problems and create a proper balance between different layers of physical body and spiritual mind.


On the other hand, Lifestyle Counselling is one of our most important services we provide to help individuals harmonize their mind and body's function and keep them in optimal level. It is recommended not only for ill people but for every person at any age and in any health condition. We will assist you to practice vital lifestyle skills either to gain or to maintain your health at the best possible level.

Our main mission is to see all of our clients walking out of Synergy Naturopathy after each session feeling calm, relaxed, and refreshed.

Visit us to learn how we can help you.


Comprehensive Orthopedic Physical Exam

Examining and Assessing Your Body, Spine and Extremities


Acupuncture & 


Balancing Your Energy Channels; Reducing Pain and Spasm


Cosmetic Acupuncture and Facial Rejuvenation

To help with facial wrinkles and saggings;

Facial Paralysis (Bell's Palsy)

Herbal Medicine

Supportive Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice

Correcting Deficiencies and Excesses;

Reducing Inflammation

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